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The Tarentes Valley Region of France- Lanzarote

The Tarentes Valley Region of France- Lanzarote

Around the year of 2010, I was fortunate enough to take my honeymoon to Lanzarote. I’d say it was probably one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life.

The decision to go away wasn’t a particularly easy one, considering my reasons for making the move away were very equivocal and not particularly lucrative. Essentially it was a move that was made in good faith due to my falling out with my husband of almost 10 years ago.

When I was making the decision, I had no training as to how to deal with the famous French phrase ” Pleint i prendre c’est parfait”…First thing I had to do was figure out who I was, where I was from. I was born in the province of Castello, just outside of Florence. Naturally I had to go to Paris to meet up with my folks. That ended up not being too difficult.

So after a couple of weeks spent in the lovely city, I was feeling pretty hungry and I was looking for somewhere to eat. I found a place called “La Zona Hotel” and as is typical of certain exiting and rejuvenating areas, they had a full meal served in a covered pavilion. Pretty nice!

I have to say that having my first (pokergalaxy) déjà vu moment as I watched my husband returning from Paris with my mother, gave me a new outlook on life. I concluded that all personal possessions are the same, whether we’re in Mombasa or just visiting cousin lounge on the sunny island of Mombasa. Much has been written about the similarities we share, both in our backgrounds, and also in our goals and purposes. He was compelled to writewo articles about Africa, and so I felt obliged to respond, not only to his challenge but also to an urge to share my “iphany”. imo, we have much in common.

agenda, plans, schemes, goals, tit-bits, expectations even. Much has been written about the similarities we share, both in our backgrounds, and also in our goals and purposes. I want to live up to expectations,ritter(not!) and share some of our similarities. And yes, I want to encourage and inspire those of you who are thinking or who are considering moving to Africa,South Africa, or any coastal city with a different culture, adventure, pace of life, needs, and dollars (orwhatever currency there happens to be).

Toewsbaai is a seaside resort that is part of Mombasa island. The name of the hotel is of Swahili and means “big room”. It is only within the last 4 years that tourism has become part of the hotel circuit. In the early part of this time, it was a small local hotel, then a government hotel, and today it is upgraded to this level. Swahili is the local language.

The guest rooms of the hotel are basic, but the facilities are good. With 2 double bedded rooms and 2 bunk bed rooms, and a family suite with shower and bath, this hotel fits the budget of all, and for those who spend a lot of time outdoors, a spacious room with floor space, heat and air conditioning, and a mini bar. An office area and massage room are also available.

  • Several beaches for swimming and snorkeling are within a walking distance. Parking can be easily accessed.
  • The hotel can also arrange safari trips to visit the Priorat National Park and the beaches of the Gold Coast hinterland.
  • We can arrange boat trips to the Priorat Game Park and on a daily basis Dolphin Lagoon.
  • arrange bush walks and picnic at our at Veyane National Park Lodge, Bequia Point and Wheelock Park and along the Klongue Canal. Or choose the optional package at the end of your game drive.
  • And along the way, just a short ride to the coast at Mombasa and Langa is possible

The optional package would seem the most attractive option and I felt bad for leaving early, as it would mean a return at the earliest opportunity. But after meeting the family at the park and hearing of their adventure, I felt a little guilty and decided to postpone my trip to the park.

When I returned it was time to take the vehicle around the lagoon and the game drive again. But this time a part of my family had changed their mind and so we split the trip to the park and back to Mombasa.

The main park at Mombasa is relatively small, but has many interesting things to offer. One of the main attractions is the Dolphin Lagoon. Here you can swim with wild dolphins, play or volunteer at the aquarium. All you need is a swimsuit and a snorkel.