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Sports Betting System

Sports Betting System

If you are like me then you know that nothing is more frustrating then losing a large sum of money you bet on a sports match. You come back home after work and the TV is on in the background and you have a betting account that feels like it has been forgotten. I know I have been in this spot many many times. I know that it is just a game of chance. That being said I have discovered a sports betting system that guarantees me to win 97% of my bets. How is this possible you may ask?

How am I able to achieve this level of being profitable with no handicapping system behind me? The answer is innovative statistical betting practices combined with an in built mental strategy to pick winning bets. With this system you are picking four or five games in a day on average. This may seem a huge amount of work to put the system to work but when you look at the potential payouts its well worth it.

Where I live there isn’t any MLB or NBA sports betting to be done so I stick to NFL and the NBA. With the system I use I pick out the four or five games that I know I have an edge on and I place all my money down. The more I win the more money I have in my pocket with an added bonus of more money for my pocket which can even make more money. Unlike the system that some people use, this system is very low cost. You won’t be out the door running to the cash machine to get your money on your next play. The system will make profits at certain seasons through out the year. You may not get to the hundreds of thousands of dollars that some of these other systems can provide you, but you will slowly build an impressive bankroll.

Remember, don’t get Too comfortable. Life is about risk. And if you aren’t sure then the proof is in the eating.

Peanuts and Bolts

Scoop the news from the newspapers and take a look at what others are saying about the team on the news. Keep an eye out for hot streaks and cold streaks. It is all about timing. So take your time and slowly watch what is going on around you. You never know what can cause an upset and the game just started. Don’t put all your money in just one spot. Spread your cash around a bit.

Hot Streaks

Put your hot streak on for last year and see how it is coming along. If it is not coming along then get out while you can still. Do not be tempted by the huge payout that comes with a hot streak. Cash will come in streaks, but the skill of the investor is to manage risk. Play for today and tomorrow.

Cold Streaks

Stick with the cold streak strategy we outlined in the previous article. Always quit while you are behind. We overly confidence ourselves and go for the win when we wouldn’t have given two hoots about winning the money back. It is human nature to want to win back what we have lost. That is what losers do. Winners work very hard to undo the mistakes we have made. The good thing about losers is that we can learn from our mistakes.

This is the basic of dominobet betting system than can be very camp. Increase your chances of winning by making sure the system fits in with your personality.